Lab alumni and their current positions

David B. Hogue (undergraduate student)

Rodney Soares (undergraduate student)

Emily Tyrus (undergraduate student)

Anisha Patel (undergraduate student)

Chuanfu An (Postdoc), University of Florida

Edward Anino (Postdoc), Moi University, Kenya

Benjamin Babst (Postdoc), Staff Scientist, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Price Barnett (undergraduate student), Plum Creek

Han-Yi Chen (Ph.D. student), Postdoc, North Carolina State University

Jinhui Chen (visiting Professor), Nanjing Forestry University

Jeng-Der Chung (Visiting scientist), Associate Research Fellow, Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, Taiwan

Katie Day (undergraduate student)

Eric (Lei) Du (Visiting postdoc), Postdoc, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Chris Frost (Assistant Research Scientist), Florida

Luís FS Goulão (Visiting postdoc), Research Scientist, Tropical Science Research Institute, Portugal

Wenbing Guo (Postdoc), Guangdong Academy of Forestry, China

Moh'd Hozain (Postdoc), US

Ed Johnson (Programmer), US

Rarnice Johnson (2015 REU), Fayetteville State University

Huy Le (undergraduate student), Medical School

Audrey Massmann (2011 REU), Barnard College

Vanessa Michelizzi (Lab Coordinator), Florida

Chase Naples (undergraduate student), UGA

Shreya Patel (undergrad), Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Dentistry

Raja Payyavula (Ph.D. student), Research Associate, Cornell University

Sam Peykoff (undergraduate student)

Jake Schlachter (undergraduate student)

Prashant Swamy (Ph.D. student, Forestry), Postdoc, Washington State University

Jose Henrique Taveira (visiting Ph.D. student), Federal University of Lavras, Brazil

Afraz Talebi (undergraduate student)

Kate Tay (Laboratory coordinator), Malaysia

Mike Tsai (undergraduate student), lab technician

Lindsey Tuominen (Ph.D. student, Forestry), Community Faculty, Metropolitan State University, MN

Horace (Hong-Qiang) Wang (Postdoc), Associate Professor, Institute of Intelligent Machine, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Zach Webster (undergraduate student)

Mark Wilson (M.S. student, IOB), Manager of IT Development at Coca-Cola Enterprises

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